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Birds in Silhouette: New original paintings coming to the shop 1/21

  • 1 min read
Bird paintings, with tassel, small ornament paintings by artist Abigail Gray Swartz
This new series of 3d work has been percolating for the past 4 years, back when I had a studio space out of the house, before the pandemic set off mini bombs everywhere. And so I’m excited to finally share the first part of this series with you this Saturday January 21st at 10am est.
At the end of this past year, I began working on this idea where I will offer a variety of original pieces- in a variety of sizes and shapes to create a balance on the wall and in your space. When hanging art I’m often looking for small pieces that pack a punch to finish off a group of art on my wall. This series is just the start of this idea.
Birds are often a theme in my work, there’s a lot of symbolism with their shape- how they can be caged, but also a symbol of freedom, and a warning sign of climate change, storms- or the tried and true canary in a coal mine. I identify with the canary while also getting to the point in my life where the simple pleasure of watching the bird feeder brings me joy. This series is all of these things.
There are only 12 of these one of a kind silhouette birds paintings, so be sure to sign up for my newsletter as a reminder for Saturday’s drop at 10am est! 

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