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Bathroom Mural and Vanity Makeover

  • 1 min read
In July I painted a simple folk-art inspired mural in our downstairs bathroom. I really love how it turned out and wanted to share the results!
This is now my 5th mural for our home (including our chicken coop). At first I debated installing wallpaper of my own design, but ultimately I wanted the motifs to respond to certain nooks and corners- and honestly the idea of hanging wallpaper around this space wasn’t very appealing.
And I’m so glad I chose the mural idea, I love how it turned out! I used leftover paint and started with the leaves, which took over 10 hrs. Then I followed up with the petals on the last day, which took under 2 hrs. Quite the difference! I did some touch ups along the way but also wanted to keep some of it loose and painterly so it read as hand painted instead of stenciled.
I love how this bathroom has evolved over the years. It really started as a blank slate. We added the bead board ourselves, scored this great mirror, switched out the light fixture, painted the vanity black and installed new-vintage wooden knobs, I sewed the curtains, and painted everything else! Now with the addition of the mural, and painting the vanity Green- it’s going to be a cheerful space come winter too.

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