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Frequently Asked Questions:


  •   Do you accept commissioned projects?

          A: Yes on occasion. Through out the year I take on a handful of commission projects, depending on the scope of the project and my schedule. Please us the contact form to get in touch about your commission.


  • Do you have a newsletter subscription form?

          A: Yes! By now you've probably seen the prompt pop up window to sign up.


  •   Do you offer installment payment plans?

           A: Yes. I accept installation terms on items that exceed $200. Get in touch to set this up.


  • What shipping options do you offer?

            A: We ship USPS for all of our orders. Larger paintings are a case by case basis, we often use UPS in these instances.


  •   Do you accept wholesale purchases from corporate art consultants and interior designers?

             A: Yes. I do a 60/ 40 split for original art.


  •   Are you interested in being contacted by galleries or agents?

             A: Yes. I am currently seeking representation for an illustration agent, and I'm working on a new body of fine art work for gallery shows. So I am always open to chat.


  •   Do you accept visitors at your studio?

             A: Due to Covid, I had to close up my studio and shop and move everything back home. So my studio is at my home and no I currently do not accept visitors, except for gallery owners.


  •   Do you use archival, environmentally friendly materials?

            A: Yes, when we can. For example our cards and paper products contain recycled paper. We recycle packaging as much as possible. We have very little waste, and when we do- we recycle what's recyclable

My prints are archival and I use archival painting methods with my original art.