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Murals and Public Art

Abigail enjoys bringing themes of social justice, time spent in nature, and whimsy to her public art. The world needs more murals, sculptures, and public art. Here are some examples of her work.

Maine Women in the Arts

A mural celebrating three of Maine's Women Artists- Sculptor Louise Nevelson, Basket Maker Mary Mithcell Gabriel, and illustrator Dahlov Ipcar. This mural is on the exterior wall of Artist Studios Running with Scissors in Portland, Maine. Abigail Painted this mural as the inaugural Mural for her non profit "City of Hidden Figures" which seeks to provide public art opportunities to women artists, while often celebrating local "Hidden Figures".

Morse St school Mural

Abigail was commissioned in the spring of 2021 to make a mural for Morse St elementary school in Freeport, Maine. She took elements and themes from student artwork and lists of their favorite things, including the school's mascot, and the school's values and incorporated them into a design. The art was printed on panels and installed in October 2021.

Old Town Mural

In the spring of 2021, Abigail was commissioned to create a 4 panel mural celebrating the history of Old Town up to the present day. She worked closely with the students and teachers, bringing their research to life. The artwork for this project was drawn digitally on Abigail's ipad and then printed out on 4 large 4x8 ft panels. You can see the Mural at Peace Pole Park in Old Town, Maine and read more about it below.

Bangor Daily News Article

COVID art for Creative Portland

In the fall of 2020, Abigail's illustration was chose to be turned into a banner and hung in Portland, Maine as part of Creative Portland's campaign to use public art to help spread the word about being safe during the COVID19 pandemic.

Desert of Maine Camel

In the summer of 2019, Abigail was commissioned to paint the Camel at the Desert of Maine in Freeport. She worked closely with the clients offering three designs to choose from. This floral design with the large yellow sun celebrates native lupines while the stylized floral motifs add a modern vibrancy to this camel makeover.

"Feeling Safe in School"

In the spring and summer of 2019, Abigail worked with Side x Side and the students at King Middle school in Portland, Maine to translate their ideas of safety into 4 murals that the children chose to hang in the school bathrooms.

You can read more about the project below.

King Middle School Mural

Commission Murals

Abigail also takes on a handful of commission murals each year. Murals for your home are a wonderful way to bring warmth, imagination, and something unique to your space.

(Stairway mural by Abigail Gray Swartz 2021)