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Three Peonies, floral cutout painting, original acrylic painting on panel --Original Painting

Three peonies, is part of a new series of cut out floral paintings I made over the winter.

Painted in acrylic on a hand cut panel with quick and intentional brush strokes, plus paint markers.

measures: 16.5x15"

Ready to hang, with string tied through a hole in the top.


About the series: This series is an idea I've had for several years, and this past winter I had the time and the proper tools to experiment. I love working with different materials. In grad school I worked with plaster and wallpaper, I was a print maker until I took a break when I was pregnant. And lately I've had a pull to get back to working with my hands that isn't on my ipad, and to work on something that isn't paper.

I've had the idea and goal to make large floral cut outs as part of the public art side of my career, so these smaller ones are a good practice run. Also it's fun to have a variety of types of pieces hanging in my home- that break out of the typical rectangle. These cutouts will add a unique surprise to a nook or add some dimension to a gallery wall.


All work is signed by me, Abigail Gray Swartz and will be packaged in a sturdy box carefully wrapped for safe shipping. Made in Maine.

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