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Lady Garden Gnomes sticker, Gardening sticker- Stickers & Magnets

Lady Garden gnomes sticker is a new sticker design to pair with my popular garden gnome sticker. The original Garden gnome was a little lonely and needed some friends and it was about time we had some lady gnomes join the festivities. This little duo has an American Gothic vibe to their partnership- one has a pitchfork, the other a sunflower and a wee mouse.

Pair it with my other woodland stickers for a whimsical display. A wonderful companion to carry with you on your computer or tablet, water bottle, or wherever you put stickers!

* Professionally Printed
* 4"



All work is shipped within 2-3 days of purchase. Each piece of work is signed by me, the artist.

About me: I am a Maine based artist. I illustrate for many publications, including the New York Times and Taproot magazine, but most notably I recently painted a modern version of Rosie the Riveter for the Women's march cover of The New Yorker.