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Artist Abigail Gray Swartz, Self Portrait, Illustrated portrait

 (Pandemic self portrait- Juggling motherhood and being an Artist)

Abigail Gray Swartz is the artist behind GrayDayStudio.

Her grandmother's maiden name and Abigail's love for rainy gray days are the inspiration behind the name of her studio.

Abigail is an illustrator and a fine artist.

Her illustrations have appeared in publications in the US and abroad, including The New Yorker, The NY Times, Taproot Magazine, and many more.

The Safe Return, Picture book

Abigail also LOVES to illustrate Picture books and book covers. Her first book "The Safe Return" written by Ashley Wheelock and Arwen Evans was published by House of Tomorrow Books in the fall of 2020.  It is Abigail's dream to illustrate picture books and book covers! Please use the contact form on this site to get in touch about your project.

Abigail's work highlights inspiring role models of our time with hand painted portraits and hand lettered quotes. Abigail is most known for her depiction of a modern Rosie the Riveter that was chosen for the cover of The New Yorker's "Women's March" issue. Her cover went on to win several awards.

Abigail has a BA in Fine Art and she earned her MFA in 2008 from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, in Philadelphia.

Abigail lives and works in Maine with her husband, their two children, some dogs and give or take some chickens.


(Abigail painting her mural for City of Hidden Figures, Portland, Maine (2018-2019))


Press Release from The New Yorker about The Women's March Cover, Feb 9, 2017.

Interview with CBC Radio

Washington Post article: New Yorker covers win ASME awards

Down East Magazine: City of Hidden Figures Mural

Portland Press Herald: Rosie Interview 


Abigail earned her BFA in 2004 and received her MFA from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2008.

The New Yorker Puzzle, The Women's March, illustrated magazine cover


“Best News and Politics” Cover Winner:  The American Society of Magazine Editors, The New Yorker for “The March,” February 6

Honorary Doctorate, Cornish College in Seattle
Women’s Board Patron Print Competition  PAFA
John Galasso Memorial Prize, PAFA
Montgomery County Guild of Professional Artists
Studio Art Recognition Award


Abigail is a fantastic illustrator and wonderful to work with as well. She brilliantly executes conceptual essays in creative ways. As an artist, she can create a variety of illustrations that all reflect her own style yet are anything but repetitive; some have a watercolor wildness while others are more graphic and still.

As a colleague, Abigail is fast, meets deadlines without fail, always willing to re-work something and highly flexible. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— K.J. Dell'Antonia Editor and Lead Blogger, The Parenting Blog at The New York Times
Illustrating written work is tricky — it’s creating art that serves another piece of art. I found myself repeatedly referencing the beautiful work Abigail Gray Swartz is doing as the current artist-in-residence for the New York Times Motherlode column. She’s really been nailing it lately.
— Mary Laura Philpott, Author of "I Miss You When I Blink"


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